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Migrants are systematically discriminated against in Germany — sociologist

Turkish students receive worse marks for the same performance, women with headscarves are less likely to receive invitations to a job interview, Naika Foroutan, a sociologist, criticizes the systematic discrimination against migrants.

In Germany, according to the German-Iranian migration researcher Naika Foroutan, Muslims are the most disadvantaged. Even if many feel that they are tolerant and open, the reality looks different in schools and in companies, said the sociologist on Thursday in Frankfurt am Main.

Under the title “Bembel and Baklava – Affiliations in the post-migrant society”, scholars, politicians and teachers gathered at the invitation of the Hessian Ministry of Social Affairs to discuss the issue of inclusion under the title “Integration in youth work”.

According to studies, for example, Turkish students receive different grades for the same performance, Ms Foroutan, a professor of Integration Research and Social Policy at the Humboldt University in Berlin, explained.

Also studies have shown that women with a foreign name or a headscarf receive fewer invitations for a job interview, she said.

It is the task of policy makers not to restrict integration efforts to migrants only, Foroutan advised. East Germans also felt like Muslims as “second-class citizens,” said the social scientist.

She called for the introduction of equal opportunities as a state objective. In addition, institutions should think about fixing quotas for people with a migrant background in their staffing policy. “It did not change by itself,” Foroutan said, referring to the women’s quota fight.

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