Emeka N., 34, was stabbed to death in Borgo Mezzanone, Italy /Photo: ANSA

Nigerian stabbed to death in Italy

A Nigerian migrant was killed on Tuesday night in the so-called ‘ghetto’ of Borgo Mezzanone. The tent camp in the countryside near Foggia houses an estimated 1,500 migrants.

The victim — 34-year-old Nigerian citizen Emeka N. — was stabbed to death outside the restaurant where he worked.

A 25-year-old Nigerian man has confessed to the murder and is now in police custody, investigative sources said. The suspect, Evans N., is facing murder charges.

Police investigating the case

According to investigations carried out by police officers from Foggia and Manfredonia, the two men started to fight at a restaurant in the tent camp. The victim worked at the restaurant; his alleged killer had gone to eat there at around 6:30 pm on Tuesday, October 27.

Their fight started in the restaurant, over the food served, sources close to the investigation said. The men then allegedly walked out of the restaurant and their fight became violent.

Investigators allege that the murder suspect then walked back into the restaurant to get a kitchen knife which he used to stab the victim.

The victim suffered two fatal stab wounds — one to the chest and another to the throat.

Migrant activist disagrees with police

A representative of the migrants at the shantytown described the events leading up to the stabbing differently, saying that the victim was killed after he intervened to stop a fight between other Nigerian migrants.

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Police were alerted by an anonymous caller who said a man had been wounded during a fight.

The suspect was reportedly blocked from leaving the scene by migrants living in the shantytown before police arrived at the scene.

When officers reached the scene, the suspect — who reportedly had blood stains on his clothes — was taken to the local police precinct to be questioned.


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