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Send money to Africa even faster using the MoneyGram-App

As the world’s second-largest provider for international money transfers, MoneyGram consistently works to make sending money even easier for its customers than it already is.

Now, there is the new MoneyGram-App, which can be downloaded for free from Google Play Store or Apple Store. Once the app is installed on a mobile phone, the desired amount can be on its way to the recipient with just a few clicks, regardless of where you are in the world and where you want to send money. Using the app, the money can be sent to bank accounts, mobile wallets, or for collection in cash.

Send money directly with your mobile phone

Whether you’re a registered user or a guest, the MoneyGram-App not only makes sending money incredibly easy, but also calculating transfer fees, requesting current exchange rates, viewing the status of transactions and finding MoneyGram locations near you, can be done instantly. In addition, you can benefit from attractive discounts, for instance, there are no transfer fees when a customer sends money to mobile wallets or bank accounts in Ghana. MoneyGram-App users can login very easily with fingerprint authentication (Touch ID).

MoneyGram makes it easy to bring you closer to your loved ones – even if you are thousands of kilometres away.

Discover your way to send money to Africa at moneygram.de/myway

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