Members of the Black community in Cologne protest against the controversial decision of a court which said that describing people of African descent with the n-word is not necessarily derogatory. Cologne, Germany, 19 January 2020 / Photo credit: Anna Evgenevna Zhukovets/ Sonnenblumen Community Development Group e.V.

Conference on Black People in Europe holds in Berlin

People of African descent have been part of European societies for decades and even centuries. Scholars, journalists and activists will gather in Berlin on 10-12 June to interrogate the history of organisation in Black communities in Europe.

The international conference, entitled Black Europe: The Beginnings of Black Self-Organization in Europe, will examine the question of when, where and how Black people in Europe began to organise themselves.

“Together, we plan to explore what Black people have done to unite and collectively represent their interests under the adverse conditions they face in racist societies. To this end, we will turn our attention to the historical beginnings of Black self-organisation in post-war Europe,” the organisers said.

The conference, organised by Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung in collaboration with the Initiative of Black People in Germany (Initiative Schwarze Menschen in Deutschland or ISD), will feature presentations on the experiences of Black communities in France, UK, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Portugal and The Netherlands.

Speakers will also talk about how the experiences of Black diasporas in the Americas have influenced Black Europe.


Black Europe: The Beginnings of Black Self-Organization in Europe
International Conference, Berlin,
Date: 10-12 June 2022
Straße der Pariser Kommune 8A
10243 Berlin

For more about the conference and how to participate in it, click HERE

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