Third on the list of the most tagged city on TikTo is Paris, with 64.8 billion views. In 2023, the French capital’s most visited attraction was the Louvre Museum (pictured), with 8.9 million visitors. The museum has featured in 91,100 TikTok videos/Photo: Christine List

The 10 most popular European cities on TikTok

New data has revealed the most ‘TikTokable’ European cities, with Berlin and Hamburg making the top ten. 

Using data sourced from Statista, marketing experts at Upbeat Agency analysed the number of views each European city had received on TikTok. 

Barcelona is the most popular European city on TikTok, with 106.1 billion views. The cosmopolitan capital of Spain’s most popular tourist attraction is Park Guell, with 4.66 million visitors in 2023. One of the city’s most prevalent features on TikTok is the world famous FC Barcelona, with 2.4 million posts featuring the club’s hashtag. 

The second most viewed city is London, with 68.6 billion views. The British Museum was the English capital city’s most visited attraction in 2023, with 5.8 million visitors. Soho is the most ‘TikTokable’ location in London, with 132,100 posts. 

Third on the list is Paris, with 64.8 billion views. In 2023, the French capital’s most visited attraction was the Louvre Museum, with 8.9 million visitors. The museum has featured in 91,100 TikTok videos. 

Taking the fourth spot is Istanbul, with 53.1 billion views. Turkey’s largest city was the world’s most visited city in 2023, with it welcoming 20.2 million visitors last year. The Hagia Sophia Grand Mosque is one of the city’s most popular tourist attractions and it has been tagged in 28,400 posts. 

Rank European City Number of views (billions) 
Barcelona, Spain 106.1 
London, UK 68.6 
Paris, France 64.8 
Istanbul, Turkey 53.1 
Madrid, Spain 32.6 
Berlin, Germany 26.1 
Ankara, Turkey 23.0 
Milan, Italy 13.6 
Hamburg, Germany 12.1 
10 Manchester, UK 10.1 
The ten most popular European cities on TikTok

Madrid is the fifth most ‘TikTokable’ city, with 32.6 billion views. One of the Spanish capital’s most visited areas in Gran Via, which has been tagged in a total of 25,200 posts on TikTok. 

In sixth place is Berlin, with 26.1 billion views, and the most popular attraction on TikTok is the Brandenburg Gate, with 1,089 posts. Seventh place goes to Ankara, with 23.0 billion views, and the most featured sight is Ankara Castle, with 115 posts. 

Milan is in eighth place, with 13.6 billion views, and in the penultimate spot in the ranking is Hamburg, with 12.1 billion views. Milan’s most popular attraction on TikTok is the Duomo di Milano cathedral, with the Gothic cathedral tagged in 41,500 posts, and one of Hamburg’s most featured sights is its Miniatur Wunderland, with 3,758 posts. 

Concluding the ranking is Manchester, with 10.1 billion views. Synonymous with football, two of the city’s most visited places include the Etihad Stadium and Old Trafford, with Manchester City’s grounds tagged in 21,400 posts and Manchester United’s grounds tagged in 123,800 posts. 

Jordan Bucknell, CEO of Upbeat Agency, commented on the findings:  

“The fact that these are the European cities being tagged in the most TikTok posts pays testament to how vibrant and full of interest and life these cities are. 

“There is plenty of history, beauty and fun to be experienced, which is taken advantage of by influencers and travel bloggers to create engaging content. 

“The use of TikTok to create positive content featuring these cities is great promotion and publicity for the cities by highlighting some of the most popular areas as well as smaller, less tourist-focused areas.” 

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