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Adama Paris (right) speaking with Samson Itodo in Berlin

The challenges Black women have with their hair – Adama Paris

Senegalese international fashion designer and artist Adama Amanda Ndiaye, better known as Adama Paris, is currently exhibiting her work, Afro Exhibition, in Berlin, Germany.

“It talks about my journey as a Black Woman with my hair,” said Paris, in an interview with Afrobizgermany, at the exhibition Connecting Afro Futures. Fashion x Hair x Design.

The exhibition, holding at the Kunstgewerbemuseum (Museum of Decorative Arts) in Berlin from 24 August – 1 December 2019, showcases ‘Fashion, Art, Design, Music, Writing and Film coming out of Africa and the African Diaspora and feature the names and faces behind the creative output’.

Adama Paris said Black women have difficulties with their hair because of the global impression created by the Western media that only straight hair is beautiful.

She said that hairstyles or hair extensions like weaves braids, among others, are part of the identities of Black People around the world.

“Hair is part of our identity as Black People and as African people because we all can relate with hair style. Every Black People in the world, you tell them about their hair being braids…”

Paris talks about how Black women should deal with their hair.

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