Africa’s diverse food culture celebrated in Frankfurt, Germany

On 11 January 2020, Frankfurt city played host to an elegant, classy and one of a kind event by My Ethnic Cooking & Catering. For the first time, the company hosted a Live African Cooking and Networking Event, which saw a cocktail of personalities come together to not only enjoy some good food, but also celebrate Africa’s rich and diverse culture.

My Ethnic Cooking & Catering (MEC) is an empowering initiative by Gillian Lwangu Piroth, a hardworking and inspiring Kenyan lady living and working in Germany. The project celebrates Africa’s diverse ethnic culture through food.

Gillian Lwangu Piroth (right) looks on as Mayor of Eschborn, Mathias Geiger and his wife sample African delicacies


Gillian currently works full-time at an international bank and uses her free time to fulfil her love and passion for cooking. The project provides a platform for African cooking experts and food lovers in general to share their culture, network and empower each other. Aside from offering catering services to different clients, Gillian also organises cooking classes with recipes from different African countries or culinary regions.

The Live African Cooking & Networking Event saw meals from Kenya, Ghana and Cameroon prepared by renowned cooking experts. The event started with a champagne reception, after which the guests were welcomed by the CEO of MEC Gillian Lwangu Piroth.

Gillian Lwangu Piroth (right), Kenyan Ambassador to Germany, Dr Esther N. Mungai (middle) and other guests at the event

Guests not only had the opportunity to watch the experts create delicious dishes, learn the history of the different cuisines, but also enjoyed a lovely networking session where they exchanged business ideas and empowered each other. 

A great entertainment program from celebrity Kenyan deejay Buuchezo and a Senegalese dance group left everyone with a smile. The event was hosted by the very talented MC Alan Karuki.  Blogger and journalist Philly Yambo Makora conducted live interviews during the event.

Gillian Lwangu Piroth shows young Germans African delicacies


It wouldn’t be such a colourful evening without the support of high-profile personalities who graced the event.  The mayor of Eschborn, Mathias Geiger, together with his family, representatives of the Kenyan Embassy in Berlin, led by the Kenyan Ambassador to Germany, Dr Esther N. Mungai, were in attendance.

Joy Zenz, founder of AWE (African Women in Europe), who was also one of the event sponsors, could not afford to miss such a special occasion. Selgros Cash & Carry chain store also sponsored the event with high quality groceries. Other guests included Jacklyne Achieng Kuhn, founder of the Kenyan Women in Germany (KWIG), prominent event organisers in Frankfurt and various entrepreneurs.

After the dining and winning, Gillian Lwangu Piroth (left) took to the floor to celebrate the success of the event, entertained by a Senegalese band


The creativity of the concept, the great ensemble of activities, the professionalism of Gillian and her team, left every guest amazed, empowered and yawning for more. MEC plans to host another event like this in the course of the year. One thing for sure, MEC has opened a door to see Africa as the great and culturally rich continent that it is. What better way to do it than through food?

Philly Yambo Makora

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