Facebook founder praises Nigerian woman leading huge online community

Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, has been talking about the impact online communities are making around the world. He is due to address the global tech giant’s inaugural Facebook Communities Summit to be held in Chicago next month.

Ahead of the summit, he has been meeting people who have helped build meaningful Facebook communities. One of such people is Lola Omolola, a Nigerian woman who lives in Chicago.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, on Tuesday (6 June) received Omolola, founder of a secret Facebook group called Female in Nigeria, Female IN or FIN.

FIN was founded in 2015 by Omolola with the goal of having up to 1000 members. However, the group exceeded its target as it recently hit one million members.

‘‘Two years ago, she founded a secret Facebook group called Female IN, or FIN. It’s a no-judgment space where more than a million women come to talk about everything from marriage and sex to health issues and work problems — and it’s helping end the culture of silence that exists for women in some parts of the world.

‘‘I’m looking forward to meeting more admins like Lola and talking about how we can help them do even more to build community. I’ll share more info on the summit as we get closer, and I’ll stream the event live from my profile later this month,” Zuckerberg wrote in a Facebook post published on Tuesday.

FIN describes itself as “a movement of 1,000,000+ women focused on building compassion, providing support and nurturing the power of self-expression in a culture where women are meant to be seen and not heard.”

Facebook is the only medium through which they can be contacted and to access the group an existing member (known as FINster) is empowered to add other members.

Zuckerberg stressed how the platform continues to play a lead role in making the world more open and connected. He said there was, however, more to be done to promote mutual togetherness and to build a common understanding.

“This summit will be the next chapter and we’ll discuss more of what we’re building to empower community leaders to bring the world closer together,” he added.

Vivian Asamoah

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