The event will feature, among other activities, Igbo dance performances / Photo: CACF

Anambra Cultural Day Germany holds on Saturday

The Igbo culture of Nigeria will be celebrated on Saturday, 26 August when the Anambra Day holds in Frankfurt am Main. Hosted by the Anambra Progressive Union (APU), the festival of arts and culture will feature music and dance performances as well as a display of Igbo folklore in drama and poetry.

Other activities to take place on the Anambra Day include a lecture on the role of culture as a means of economic integration and discussions on issues of importance to Anambra people both home and abroad.

APU, a socio-cultural and non-profit organisation of Anambra State indigenes in Germany, is holding the Day to uphold and promote the rich Igbo cultural heritage. “Our culture is our pride; that is who we are, let’s preserve and respect it,” the association said in a statement.

Hundreds  of Ndi Igbo, drawn from all parts of Germany, and other guests are expected to attend the cultural celebrations.

Event: Anambra Day

Date: Saturday, 26 August

Venue: Volkshaus Enkheim, Borsigallee 40 Frankfurt am Main

Contact: +491624312971 (PRO)

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