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Event on funding opportunities for Afro-European businesses holds in Hamburg

Afrolynk, an impact venture that supports and connects innovators, entrepreneurs and other stakeholders in the EU-African market, have partnered with Dr. Akuma Saningong, a master communicator, in unlocking the potential of African business ventures.

Afrolynk will hold a Community Meet-Up on 10 July in Hamburg and it’s inviting attendees from Hamburg’s business sector, including start-ups, NGOs and public and private institutions, to come together in the spirit of promoting business between Africa and Germany.

By serving as an incubator for the exchange of expertise and collaboration, the evening event is intended to kick-start long-term partnerships in order to scale start-ups and young entrepreneurs.

The event will be hosted at We-Work Hamburg and moderated by Joe Hopper of African-German Business Network. Afrolynk’s founder, Moses Acquah, will speak about Funding Opportunities through the EEP (Entrepreneur Establishment Program) Fund while Dr Akuma Saningong will discuss Technology Transfer and Research and Development between Africa and Germany.

More information about the event can be found on Afrolynk’s various social media platforms, such as on Facebook, or by contacting Kumbirai Chipadza at kumbirai.chipadza@afrolynk.com

More information on Afrolynk can be found at www.afrolynk.com



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