Yorubas in Germany to gather tomorrow near Frankfurt

To promote their culture not only to the larger German society but also to the new generation of Yoruba origin, a special event will take place on Saturday, 6 May in Neu Isenburg (near Frankfurt).

Christened “Yoruba Gathering: Spring 2017”, the meeting also seeks to promote unity among Yoruba-speaking people living in Germany.

Organized by the Egbe Omo Yoruba Frankfurt/Rhein Main, Germany (EOYF), the event brings Yoruba and their families as well as non-Yoruba people together to promote a general interest in Yoruba culture.

“The gathering is aimed at calling out Yoruba, their families and persons who are in one way or the other connected to the Yoruba people, its culture, tradition and its values,” said Bolaji Agboola, president of the association.

“The gathering also aims to tap into our Yoruba community’s resources and expertise for our benefits both socially and economically,” the EOYF leader added.

The Egbe believes that the event offers the Yoruba in Germany a veritable platform to get to know each other better as well as motivate them to form a closer community, Agboola added.

Among the activities of the day are presentations on the Yoruba culture and on the Yoruba community in Frankfurt and environs. The “Yoruba Gathering: Spring 2017” will also feature lectures, readings and addresses of special guests.

Yoruba people are an ethnic group native to South-Western and North-Central Nigeria as well as Southern and Central Benin. They are believed to number over 40 million people, majority of whom are Nigerians.

Yoruba constitute about 21% of Nigeria’s population, making them one of the largest ethnic groups in Africa.

The global Yoruba Diaspora consists of two main groups. The relatively recent migrants who have been moving to the United Kingdom, the United States and other Western countries since the 1960s and a much older population dating back to the Atlantic slave trade mainly found in Cuba, Dominican Republic, Saint Lucia, Jamaica, Brazil, Grenada, Trinidad and Tobago.

Sola Jolaoso


The Yoruba Gathering: Spring 2017
Date: 6 May 2017  
Venue: Jugendzentrum Gravenbruch,
Dreiherrensteinplatz 4a,
63263 Neu-Isenburg (near Frankfurt).

For further information, all enquiries should be directed to:
Mr Oluwole Olafusi, Event Secretary
Phone: +49176 3046 9967
Email: oluwoleolafusi@yahoo.de

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