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David Oyelowo and Rosamund Pike (portraying Seretse and Ruth, respectively) in A UNITED KINGDOM / Photo: DFV

Legendary British-African love story hits German cinema; Win a ticket!

An epic story, based on true events, about two people who loved each other so deeply, they risked losing everything to be together—their families, homes, even their countries opens in German cinema today. Vivian Asamoah reports.

A UNITED KINGDOM tells the inspiring true story of Seretse Khama, the King of Bechuanaland (modern Botswana), and Ruth Williams, the London native he married in 1948 in the face of fierce opposition from their families and the British and South African governments.

The South African government, on the verge of making Apartheid a national policy, vehemently opposes the idea of an interracial union in a neighbouring country.

Seretse and Ruth defied family, Apartheid and the British Empire – their love triumphed over every obstacle flung in their path and in so doing they transformed their nation and inspired the world.

A UNITED KINGDOM also tells the story of how Botswana came to be a prosperous African nation we know it to be today, thereby avoiding the resource curse associated with many other countries endowed with mineral riches in the continent.

Seretse discovers that the British have allowed a US mining corporation to prospect for precious stones, and is eager to make sure that, if anything is found, the exploitation of the country’s resources should solely be done by the people of Bechuanaland.

Seretse wants his people to support him as king and manages to win their backing, while the British government decides to exile him from his own country.

British-Ghanaian director Amma Asante has gifted actors in stars David Oyelowo and Rosamund Pike to successfully tell an inspiring story / Photo: DFV

When the British want to proclaim an administrator to the Bechuana people instead of their king, the tribe refuses to convene a meeting to so do. During this time, diamonds are found and Seretse makes sure that the British government publicly declares that the Bechuana people have the sole right to exploit these resources.

While in South Africa Apartheid develops and begins to overshadow Bechuanaland as well. Eventually, with the help of pressure from the local people, he is allowed to return to Betshuana and negotiates its independence from the British and the modern nation of Botswana is born.

The British biographical romantic drama film was directed by Amma Asante and written by Guy Hibbert. David Oyelowo and Rosamund Pike portray Seretse and Ruth, respectively.

British-Ghanaian Asante has gifted, gorgeous actors in stars British-Nigerian Oyelowo and Pike and has successfully told an inspiring story.

A UNITED KINGDOM is showing in cinemas across Germany now.

Win a ticket!

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