Dayan Kodua’s new book on how a doll changes a kid’s thinking

The cover of Odo /Photo: © 2019 Gratitude Verlag


German-Ghanaian actress and author Dayan Kodua has written a children’s book.

Odo tells the story, in German, of Odo, a 6-year-old girl in Ghana.

The day Odo saw a black doll at her girlfriend’s birthday party changed her. She was so fascinated that she could no longer think of anything else other than of how to own her own doll.

Odo is ready to embark on an arduous but also an educational journey to realise her wish. The little girl learns through this experience to believe in herself and her dreams.

On her motivation to write the book, Dayan Kodua, who was born in Ghana, believes children’s books should be mirrors of the world and windows to the world at the same time. “A mirror that allows children to learn to reflect on their lives, and a window that gives them the chance to get to know other children’s worlds,” she said.

The author, Dayan Kodua /Photo: Dayan Kodua/Facebook


“In my opinion there is too little variety in culture and colour in German children’s books. As a result, children with a different skin colour or a different cultural background have limited positive identification figures,” the author says.

“At school and in the media, Black children are often talked about in terms of poverty or war. Stereotypes in film and television do the rest. However, Black children do not always want to be “the problem children”, but sometimes they want to be heroes with special skills,” Dayan Kodua said.

The actress and author published her first book My Black Skin – Schwarz. Erfolgreich. Deutsch in 2014.

Austin Ohaegbu

Odo by Dayan Kodua
Gratitude Verlag, 2019 
ISBN 978-3-9820768-0-5

The book can ordered at:

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