We change the way people find accommodation around the world

Housing Anywhere is an online housing platform where students can easily book their new room for their study or internship abroad. Starting as a ‘small’ company in Rotterdam, ran by a team of students in their spare time, we’ve grown and are now present in over 400 cities in over 50 countries worldwide.

Why we do this?

An increasing number of Universities are providing students with the opportunity to spend a semester abroad. Due to the fact that having international experience as a student is becoming a desired competency when it comes to employability.

Housing Anywhere aims to eliminate the problems that come with finding a room abroad in an unknown country. As well as stimulating students to step into the adventure abroad; all our employees have spent time studying internationally. Therefore, we understand that having a place while staying abroad is a basic-need and finding one shouldn’t be a hassle.

Basically, Housing Anywhere acts as an online mediator between students and advertisers and works closely together with over 120 universities worldwide. Through the platform students can easily find and securely book accommodation abroad.

Both parties are verified by us this guarantees that booking through our website is safe. Apart from this our secure payment system avoids any type of scamming.

Housing Anywhere’s aim is to provide an unforgettable experience, such as a studying abroad, within every student’s grasp.

More at: HousingAnywhere.com