MoneyGram MegaDeal: Send money and you can win 100,000 euros!

MoneyGram Plus* members can win 100,000 euros with the new MoneyGram MegaDeal. Additionally, the world’s second biggest money transfer provider will raffle amazing prices worth more than 1,000 euros each from July until December 2017. MoneyGram PLUS clients who make a transaction will receive a leaflet with an activation code to register for the MegaDeal monthly raffle. This personal activation code, which they will receive with every single transaction, opens the way to great chances of winning.

With the MegaDeal, MoneyGram intends to connect with the African communities and its clients in Germany in a new way. At the end of the year, the great 100,000-euro lottery will take place. In this context, MoneyGram will generate a new activation code. If this one fits with the owner‘s code on the leaflet, he or she will win the 100,000 euros.

The monthly prices will be displayed on the MegaDeal homepage:

* MoneyGram Plus is a customer loyalty Program of MoneyGram. Upon enrollment in the Program, a Membership number is assigned to the enrollee, and he or she is then eligible to use MoneyGram Plus benefits.

The MoneyGram Plus Program offers a number of exclusive benefits including:

  1. Notification of completed Eligible Money Transfer Transactions
  2. Access to MoneyGram Plus transaction history
  3.  Special product and service promotions
  4. Online services
  5. Access to MoneyGram Plus Program smartphone app
  6. By providing a Membership number, MoneyGram Plus Members may also enjoy faster transactions because previous MoneyGram money transfer information is already available in the point-of-sale system, which can help agents speed up the transaction process

To register as a in Germany, go to:

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