Banji Akinyomi, CEO of Image Planet, in Lagos / Photo: Image Planet

Interview: How to make a short video of yourself and win a return flight ticket to Africa!

The international money transfer operator MoneyGram is calling on Africans in Germany to introduce themselves in a short video and stand a chance to win a return flight ticket to their home country. We ask Banji Akinyomi, who is the CEO of Image Planet, a modelling agency based in Lagos and active in Africa and Europe, about making a video of one’s self. He provides tips to participants of #thatsmyway video competition.

TAC: How can one make a simple video of one’s self?
Banji Akinyomi: It’s very easy! Simply introduce yourself. Let people know who you are, your passion and your views about issues you care about. Your perception about life.

For example?
You can say, I am a model or I am a medical doctor or a nurse, or I am a journalist or I am an artist or whatever you do for a living. And I love dancing or reading or whatever you love doing.

What should one not do in a selfie video?
Don’t put out an indecent image of yourself or others. Don’t use abusive or derogatory words.

What makes a selfie video interesting?
The video quality, the environment in which it’s shot and your sense of humour.

What do viewers expect in a selfie video?
New ideas, your passion, surprises etc. A viewer would just like to be able to take something from the video.

Thank you so much for your tips!


What are you waiting for? Grab your phone and make a short video of yourself and upload it on

Entry closes on 30 September 2018.

Once the video has been uploaded, participants should motivate their friends to vote for them.

The winner, the maker of the video with the highest number of votes, will win a return flight ticket to his or her home country!

Vivian Asamoah

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