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Survey of African women married to Germans

Leaving your homeland for a foreign one comes with a number of challenges. The process of fitting into your new environment socially, culturally and economically takes its toll on migrants in different ways.

How the migration process affects educated women from Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean is currently being studied by a PhD student at the Universidade Aberta, a university in Lisbon, Portugal.

The study is focused on women who had to interrupt their careers, leave their families and depart their homeland to migrate to Germany because of their relationship with a German man.

The study seeks to find how the migration to Germany has affected the “construction of their bicultural identity, well-being and mental health”.

The researcher, a Black woman from Brazil, is inviting African, Latino and Caribbean women living in Germany to participate in the online survey, which takes about 12 minutes only. The survey provides no means to identify any person who had participated in it.

Please find the survey and more details about the research on this website:

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