A section of the wall in the reception hall of the Nigerian Embassy in Berlin/Photo: Femi Awoniyi

Germany: Nigerian embassy announces new price list for consular services

The Nigerian Embassy in Germany has announced new fees for its services in line with a recent Federal Government’s directive.

The notice announcing the changes indicates that consular services will henceforth attract administrative charges in addition to regular charges.

The notice, which is also published on the embassy’s website, reads:

“In furtherance to our notice of 15.12.2020, the general public is hereby notified that with effect from 11.01.2021, the underlisted consular services will attract administrative charge of TWENTY EUROS ONLY (€20), in addition to the following statutory fees:

(a)  Legalization of documents individuals €50/page (COMMERCIAL ENTITIES- €300,00)                        

(b)   Age Declaration: €40

(c)   Fast Track for passport issuance: €150

(d)   ETC (Emergency Travel Certificate): €50,00

(e)   Application for loss of passport and issuance of consular letter (an administrative charge of €20 only applies)

(f)   Secretarial Services: (1) Photocopy:  €1/page (2) Printing: €1/page (3) Filling of passport application forms: €10,00”

More information about the services of the embassy on its website at https://nigeriaembassygermany.org/

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