New Music Release: #NuNairobi – Kenya’s music hub

Outhere Records, a Munich-based label, has announced the release of a new album by artists from Kenya’s tech city Nairobi.

“#NuNairobi – Kenya’s music hub is more than a music compilation,” Outhere Records said in a press release. “It is also a map and a website that introduces some of the most important bands and musicians that helped to reshape the sound of their city, with additional links to concert venues, art spaces or tech hubs.”

Among the artists on the album are MDQ (Muthoni Drummer Queen), Sauti Sol, Octopizzo, Bonoko, Waayaha Cusub, Camp Mulla, Eric Wainaina, dancehall champ Wyre, urban Benga gem Makadem and Nairobi’s hiphop legends, such as Prezzo, “the first lady of HipHop” Nazizi and Abbas Kubaff.

The album will be released on the 14th of June together with the launch of the music map and website:

“#NuNairobi is the catchphrase for a philosophy among young creatives, entrepreneurs and musicians. It’s a feeling, a shared vision, that despite all challenges you can make a change. If you work hard and help each other, you can reshape the image of a city once nicknamed “Nairobbery”, due to its high crime rate.

“But Nairobi is full of creative energy, with its rising middle-class, a promising tech-scene and all its diversity. There is a revival of live bands going on, artists rediscovering their roots, remixing and sampling popular music from the era of independence and an eclectic electronic music scene that mixes and mingles with all kind of genre. Artists use the power of social media to rebrand Nairobi with their own vision of art, fashion and music, all under the hashtag: #NuNairobi.

“#NuNairobi – Kenya’s Music hub is accompanied by both, a physical and digital music-map, that provides liner notes to 16 artists, their songs and additional links to art-spaces, concert venues, as well as tech- & culture spots. It is compiled by one of Outhere Records masterminds Georg Milz and finally follows up the celebrated collaboration project between Berlin and Nairobi: BLNRB.”

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