AY (left), the CEO of Huahua Media (middle) and Moses Babatope, the co-founder of FilmOne Entertainment at the ground-breaking deal-signing ceremony in China /Photo: Screenshot

All set for first-ever Nigeria-China joint film production

In a development praised as opening new frontiers for the Nigerian film industry, popular actor and producer Ayodeji Richard Makun, better known by his stage name AY, is partnering a Chinese company for the first-ever co-production by both countries.

Huahua Media and AY’s Corporate World Entertainment in partnership with FilmOne Entertainment, an independent distributor of films in Nigeria, are joining forces for 30 Days in China.

The film, which should be released by next year, will feature Chinese and Nigerian actors. AY recently uploaded the video of his meeting with the Chinese, where the deal for the film was signed, on his Instagram account.


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30 Days in China is being branded as a sequel to AY’S movie 30 Days in Atlanta, which is one of the most successful Nigerian films since it was premiered on 31 October 2014.

According to AY, he didn’t think much of the proposal when he first got a phone call from the Chinese only to discover that it’s a ground-breaking offer.

“I went through their profile and I noticed that Huahua Media has done movies like Transformers: The last night, Edge of Extinction, Star Trek Beyond, A Quite Place, Gozilla, Teenage Mutant Turtle Ninja and a number of other movies.”

Although Nollywood has long been well known for its prolific production, Nigerian filmmakers are reinventing the industry with bigger budget and better quality films. There were more than 80 Nigerian films produced for the big screen last year. Partnering with the Chinese, who are the biggest movie-going population in the world, will open new distribution opportunities for Nollywood, say analysts.

“This is a step in the right direction for Nollywood. We are going places, it has been our dream and that is why we are working and will continue to work,” AY said.

“And we won’t stop, until we put Nollywood on the map of the world completely 100%.”

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