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Free training for 300,000 Nigerians in audio-visual production

300,000 young Nigerians are to be trained in Film, Television and Motion Production courtesy of a partnership between KAP Academy and MasterCard Foundation


In a landmark partnership announced on Monday (11 October 2021), 300,000 young Nigerians will be trained in film, television, and motion picture production over the next three years.

The scheme will be implemented by Lagos-based KAP Film and Television Academy in partnership with the Mastercard Foundation.

Kunle Afolayan, CEO and Founder of KAP Academy, explained that the Academy focuses on growing the next generation of skilled filmmakers through the tutelage of veterans and film professionals who provide hands-on experience in diverse aspects of filmmaking to enrolled students.

According to him, KAP Academy will leverage smartphone technology for the training program, and teaching will be conducted through a learning app.

Kunle Afolayan, CEO and Founder of KAP Academy, says the Academy focuses on growing the next generation of skilled filmmakers in Nigeria/Photo: KAPHubNews

“The KAP App is a mobile learning application where multimedia content – which includes video and audio lessons, visual presentations, video simulations, and interactive testing – will be delivered to the students. It will allow students to have access to interactive learning content, industry professionals, community forums, an electronic library, a job board, financial support, contacts, and links among others,” Afolayan added.

KAP Academy’s training program will include The Masterclass Series, a virtual series of 20 episodes providing e-learning to aspiring filmmakers, covering several aspects of filmmaking from directing, cinematography, and the business of film using Afolayan’s acclaimed movie, ‘The Figurine’, as a case study. The virtual series will be free to watch on KAP TV’s YouTube channel.

The program will also include two levels of certifications from professional institutions in the areas of screenwriting, sound, editing, directing, cinematography and production design, among others, as well as practical hands-on training.

It will also link participants to employment or gig entrepreneurship activities, not only in the film industry via placements and internships, but in related sub-sectors such as fashion, make-up, music scores, editing and scriptwriting.

To ensure young people enrolled in the program have access to the tools required for digital learning, free tuition and smartphone devices will be offered to students from less privileged backgrounds. These tools are being provided through a partnership with the Mastercard Foundation and its Young Africa Works program in Nigeria.

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