One of the professions in which specialists are sorely lacking is in the field of IT and the Berlin BootCamp wants to prepare young people of African descent for job opportunities in the sector /Photo: AMA

Free Coding Training for African Youth in Berlin

African Youth Abroad Empowerment (AYAE), a non-governmental organisation dedicated to educating, enriching and empowering the youth, is holding its first ever Free Coding BootCamp in collaboration with Leap Academy on 8 February in Berlin.

According to the largest English-language news network in Europe, The Local’s publication of 9 January 2019 titled “Germany and Poland compete to fill labour gaps”, Germany had 1.2 million vacancies in its labour market and the number has not reduced much since the time of the publication. In fact if drastic measures are not taken the number is bound to increase, say experts.

This is why the German Parliament on 7 June 2019 passed the Skilled Workers Immigration Act (Fachkräfteeinwanderungsgesetz), which enters into force on 1 March 2020.  According to the estimates of the Federal Government, the new law will bring an additional 25,000 skilled workers to Germany every year.

AYAE has realised there is a huge population of African youths living in Germany. One of the professions in which specialists are lacking is in the field of  IT.

AYAE believes in as much as it is necessary to bring in qualified professionals from different countries it is equally crucial to train the population already residing in Germany. The training of the African youth will not only help fill the labour gap, it will also enrich the German economy, lessen the burden on the social offices and most importantly the African youth will learn new skills which are highly in demand.

This Free BootCamp by AYAE will therefore not only educate, enrich and empower the youth it will also enrich the German labour force.

“How can one sign up for the BootCamp?” Just come, is AYAE’s answer. All that’s needed is your laptop. No prior knowledge is required. The Free Boot Camp will take place on the 8th of February 2020 at Bornholmer Str. 93, 10439 Berlin

Don’t miss this opportunity!

Nelly Sarpong

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