Joyce Ejiogu-Schmeer is a successful German-Nigerian gospel song writer and recording and performing artist/Photo: Wolfgang Weinlein

New Book Release! Trapped In The Dark by Joyce Ejiogu-Schmeer

A new book, written by the German-Nigerian gospel singer and which dwells on how to overcome difficult phases of life, will be launched on 16 May. Here’s what you should know about the book


Trapped in the Dark is a real life story book written by the German-Nigerian gospel song writer, recording and performing artist, Joyce Ejiogu-Schmeer. She has so far released successful three albums: Only You, One More Time and Masterpiece with 35 song titles in Germany.

Trapped in the Dark is Joyce’s first book, an autobiography, and it’s an eye opener to the challenging experiences that revolve through stages of life of both the young and old.

Excerpts from the Book:

Trapped in the Dark illustrates that though we may feel trapped

in our dark times, the love and voice of God are always the light

that shines on the other side.

All we need to do is just to “Look up!” Page 5

Trapped in Dark dwells on the  first stage of her life history, which is her childhood age. This should motivate others who could have given up hope about themselves due to bad circumstances that keep revolving around their lives.

Excerpts from the Book:

God can use our enemies to bless us. The discouragement we get

from people, disappointments, betrayal and even rejections are

all instrumental to bringing us to the level we are supposed to be.

Goliath became the instrument in bringing David into the palace.” Page 38

In Trapped in the Dark, the author, whose motto is “Being in the capacity to help others in need makes me happy”, lays her emphasis on the Christian perspective to illustrate her message to reach the heart of the readers.

Joyce Ejiogu-Schmeer also points out in the book that the parenting of children should not only be limited to their day-to-day child care but also their daily spiritual care.

Excerpts from the Book:

God is in the business of making himself known to all. Children are not

exempt. Christians should not neglect their obligation to carefully

observe and nurture the growth of their children, knowing fully

well that God can use anything and anyone to fulfill His will.…” Page 44

Trapped in the Dark by Joyce Ejiogu-Schmeer, ISBN 978-1-78222-838-7 is available in book stores and sales depots. Online purchase can be made from her website, Amazon, Google book, Ebay, and many others.

Trapped in the Dark will be launched at a virtual event on 16 May 2021.

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