The German-Nigerian gospel singer Joyce Ejiogu-Schmeer, speaking here on Sunday at the virtual launching ceremony, is sending a powerful message to spiritual sceptics with her new book/Photo: Femi Awoniyi

Are you trapped in the dark? There is a way out!

The German-Nigerian gospel singer Joyce Ejiogu-Schmeer is sending a powerful message to sceptics with her new book. Trapped in the Dark is the first of a planned series of autobiographical accounts of the life of the song writer, recording and performing artist.

Trapped in the Dark dwells on her childhood and adolescence in her native Nigeria, covering her time in primary and secondary schools. The vivid accounts of events in the author’s childhood will make you think twice before dismissing off-hand stories about people who are naturally spiritually endowed.

Pastor Bamidele Agebaku launching the book on Sunday

The extra-ordinary experiences that Joyce Ejiogu-Schmeer narrates shows that not all what happens to us can be ‘rationally’ explained. Ultimately, the book is intended to encourage us all not to give up when we seem to be trapped in the dark.  There is always light (“the love and voice of God”) at the end of the tunnel is the powerful message of Trapped in the Dark. “All we need to do is just to Look up!”

Pastor Samuel and his wife at the virtual ceremony

The book was launched on Sunday (16 May) at a virtual ceremony attended by, among other guests, clergymen and women from across Germany who praised Joyce Ejiogu-Schmeer for her courage in writing the book and availing others of the benefits of her Christian experience.

Among special guests at the launch, ably moderated by Pastor Olushola Inotu, were Pastor Bamidele Agebaku, Pastor Gibson Olajiga, Pastor Evelyn Ezeh, Pastor Kelly Lave, Pastor McDonald and Pastor Angela Ogba.

Pastor Olushola Inotu ably moderated the virtual event

Trapped in the Dark (ISBN 978-1-78222-838-7) is available in book stores. Online purchase can be made from her website, Amazon, Google book, Ebay, and many others.

Joyce Ejiogu-Schmeer is a successful gospel singer who has so far released three albums: Only You, One More Time and Masterpiece.

Femi Awoniyi

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