Ukraine: African groups hold peace concert in Munich

As the war in Ukraine rages on, many Africans and People of Colour fleeing the country are still stuck at its borders with its neighbours while those lucky to make it to Western Europe are facing different kinds of challenges.

To draw attention to the travails of the non-Ukrainian victims of the war in Ukraine, a coalition of African groups and artistes will hold a peace concert, ‘Drums of Peace’, in Munich on 21 May.

The concert will draw attention to the situation of non-Ukrainian refugees from Ukraine, such as the challenges being faced by support organisations to provide accommodation, information and other forms of support to ease their integration into German society. The African refugees from Ukraine, most of whom are students, are worried about the legal status of their stay and how they could continue their education in Germany.

The organisers of the event, the Nigerian Community in Bayern e.V., AYEESSI e.V., NiSiG e.V., AFROYEN gUG, Morgen e.V. and AK Panafrikanismus e.V., are collaborating with interested musicians and other artistes to produce the concert.

“Together, we can help give the refugees succour while reintegration them into the society,” a press release of the coalition said.

Drum of Peace, which also aims to generally draw attention to the situation of refugees all world war and those suffering as a result of conflicts, will hold at the Königsplatz in Munich, on Saturday 21.05.2022 at 4pm prompt.

Austin Ohaegbu

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