Presenting my gift to Dr Mosun Olowookere

Welcoming Germany’s newest dental practice and it’s African owned!

I attended the opening of a new private dental practice in the Bavarian town of Neusäss on Friday, 8 April.

The clinic, Zahnarztpraxis OloWow, belongs to Nigerian-born Dr Margaret Mosun Olowookere.

When I started The African Courier and with it my press coverage of the African community in January 1998, there were very few African doctors and dentists in private practice in the country. In fact, I doubt if they were up to five in number.

Dr Diran and Dr Mosun Olowookere and their son Donatus and daughter Anna-Patricia

My suggestion in Neusäss that Zahnarztpraxis OloWow could perhaps be the first African-owned dental practice in Bavaria was quickly corrected by Dr Olowookere, who revealed that there were at least three others in that state alone.

The many successful African professionals found in different walks of  life in Germany today are good role models for young people of African origin who are presented with the evidence that the sky could be their limit if they aimed high and worked hard.

That for me is social progress and it fills me with a lot of pride about Germany.

I also felt immensely proud of Dr Mosun Olowookere who is my sister in law, being the wife of my cousin, Dr Donaldson Diran Olowookere, who himself is a practising medical doctor.

Mosun studied dentistry in Nigeria and had to go through a strenuous process to become a  qualified dentist in Germany.

A cross-section of guests at the clinic’s opening

Lesser courageous ones would have given up and taken to a profession beneath their academic qualifications and capability.

Not for Mosun. She was determined and stuck to her dream. And her dental practice is a glowing evidence that persistence pays and pays handsomely.

Congratulations to Mosun and Diran and their son Donatus and daughter Anna-Patricia. For indeed it’s a big achievement of the whole family.

Femi Awoniyi

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