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Farafina Travels offers new way of touring Africa

Travelling should be an opportunity to learn. This is why a new tour operator has developed a unique concept for people interested in travelling to Africa. Farafina Travels, an offshoot of the think tank Farafina Institute, would like travellers to really get to know the continent through its peoples, its cultures, its history, its landscape, its animals etc. The concept is in sharp contrast to tour offers to Africa that only focus on its flora and fauna. Farafina is not only concerned with cultural sustainability but also socio-economic sustainability as every aspect of their eco-friendly tours is designed to align with and uplift local communities.

The African continent is a reservoir of historic, cultural and traditional wealth, brimming with innovations, transformations and inspirations. However, many individuals, both within and outside Africa, lack the opportunity to immerse themselves in its societies, experience the status of well-being, and witness the ongoing processes of transformation across different African countries.

The Farafina Travels team. The company currently operates in Cameroon, Eswatini, Ghana, Kenya, and Zimbabwe, offering guided ‘Footsteps & Handshakes’ tours, internship opportunities, and family stays/Photo: Farafina Travels

At Farafina Travels, we extend invitations to interested individuals and groups, irrespective of origin, to explore diverse African nations, fostering learning, sharing experiences, and exchanging ideas with local communities. We firmly believe that direct engagement with Africa and its people fosters a deeper appreciation for the continent’s societal diversity, challenging prevailing (mis)perceptions and showcasing Africa’s abundance of innovations and potential.

In a world often fractured by artificial divisions, we champion the natural unity of humankind. Our flagship tours – ‘Footsteps and Handshakes,’ – embody our commitment to building bridges founded on mutual understanding and peace.

An artisanal fishing port in Ghana. Each tour experience of Farafina Travels is guided by local experts versed in cultural, historical, social or religious studies/Photo: AfricanCourierMedia

Farafina Travels embodies values that guide our every endeavour. We believe in African achievements and potential, as reflected in the term “Farafina,” meaning ‘the land of the dark-skinned people who refuse to be dominated’ in the Bambara language of West Africa. This belief underpins our unwavering dedication to showcasing Africa’s contributions to the world stage.

Respect for all human beings and their cultures is paramount in our approach. We view human encounters as fundamental to reflection, expanding minds, and learning about different countries and their people. We approach local cultures not as nostalgic elements but as integral components of peoples’ history, contemporary societies and deeply-rooted ontologies.

Traditional village in Zimbabwe. Farafina Travels introduces traditional ways of living in rural and urban settings/Photo: Farafina Travels

Community orientation lies at the heart of our operations. We collaborate closely with local communities, ensuring that our tours support and engage with local structures, projects and initiatives. From our choice of accommodation to our means of travel and the foods we consume, every aspect of our tours is designed to align with and uplift local communities.

Sustainability is a core principle that guides our actions. Recognizing our responsibility to the environment, we strive to organize eco-friendly tours, respecting nature and encouraging environmentally conscious behavior among our participants.

A traditional market in Africa. From the choice of accommodation to the means of travel and the foods tourists consume, every aspect of Farafina tours is designed to align with and uplift local communities/Photo: AfricanCourierMedia

Farafina Travels was initiated through Farafina Institute – a think-tank dedicated to fostering well-being in Africa through research, idea exchange, good practices and intercultural understanding. Our work is built upon the extensive experience and partnerships of Farafina Institute in organizing thematic group travels across Africa and Europe. We continuously evaluate and document our efforts, ensuring that our impact is meaningful and sustainable. A portion of the fees from our tours supports Farafina Institute’s projects, strengthening our commitment to positive change.

Currently, Farafina Travels operates in Cameroon, Eswatini, Ghana, Kenya and Zimbabwe, offering guided ‘Footsteps & Handshakes’ tours, internship opportunities and family stays. Additionally, we cater to individual requests, ensuring that each experience is guided by local experts versed in cultural, historical, social or religious studies, including passionate youth activists with a history of involvement in Farafina Institute’s youth exchange projects.

We are open for different forms of collaboration and welcome requests from people interested in travelling with us.

Claudia Köhler

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