Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi State is aspiring for the Nigerian presidency come 2023/Photo: @OfficialGYBKogi

Nigerians in Diaspora Organisation disowns Yahaya Bello over 2023 presidential election

The Nigerians in Diaspora Organisation (NIDO) Worldwide has denied ever having endorsed the Governor of Kogi State for the presidential elections of 2023.

The officially recognised umbrella body of Nigerians residing outside their homeland issued the statement to disown claims being made by some persons purporting that NIDO had endorsed the presidential aspiration of the governor.

A statement dated 6 June 2021 and signed by the regional leaders of NIDO –  Dr. Bashir Obasekola (Chairman, NIDO Europe, Coordinating Chair NIDO WW), Engr. Obed Monago (Chairman, NIDO Americas), Engr. Prof. E. C. Ejiogu (Chairman, NIDO Asia), Hon. Gary Linus Unamadu (Chairman, NIDO Oceania) and Dr. Obinna Kingsman (Chairman, NIDO Africa), reads:


“Nigerians in Diaspora Organisation is a legal name that belongs exclusively to our organisation, which has its presence throughout the continents of the world (Nigerians in Diaspora organizations in Europe, Americas, Asia, Oceania and Africa).

“Nigerians in Diaspora Organisation (NIDO) is the umbrella organisation set up, with the support of the Federal Government, to harness and galvanize the professional and financial resources of Nigerians in diaspora for the socio-economic development of Nigeria.

“Our attention (NIDO) has been drawn to an online publication titled “Nigerians in Diaspora endorse Yahaya Bello for 2023 Presidency” posted on the website of (by the News Agency of Nigeria, June 6, 2021)

Dr Bashir Obasekola, Chairman of NIDO Europe

“In the said publication, it was written that “Nigerians in Diaspora, under the aegis of Nigerians in Diaspora Network and Nigerians in Diaspora Organisation, have endorsed Gov. Yahaya Bello of Kogi State as their candidate for the 2023 Presidency”.

“We see this news article as disparaging and deprecating action to our noble organisation. We are also taken aback by how NAN could report such a serious issue without any name of those individuals in the “business” of endorsement and shenanigan.

“Without any prejudice to anyone’s political ambition, we hereby, in the strongest terms, categorically disassociate ourselves from these malicious and self-seeking unknown persons hiding under the aegis of a Network. Nigerians in Diaspora Organisation is apolitical and remains so irrespective of the personality involved. None of our Chapters anywhere in the world is a party to any of such endorsement and we never gave Power of Attorney to anyone to use our name, “Nigerians in Diaspora Organisation”.

“We hereby demand immediate rejoinder within 48 hours from the reporter (News Agency of Nigeria) and demand that pull down within 24 hours, this misleading and intentionally unholy news article, which is a gimmick to undermine our independence and apolitical status. Failing to do this, we reserve the rights to take any means necessary to seek redress.”

Dr Obasekola, Chairman of NIDO Europe*, has meanwhile reported that the News Agency of Nigeria had apologised for the report and removed it from its website. However, the said report has been widely circulated by the agency. It still appears on the website of many media outlets, including leading Nigerian newspapers such as Vanguard and Daily Independent.

NIDO is the quasi-official representative of the organised Nigerian diaspora with presence on all the continents of the world. By its founding mission and the constitution of its chapters, NIDO is a non-partisan group, which means that it’s not and cannot be biased towards any particular political group or party in Nigeria.

Kola Tella

Nigerians in Diaspora Organisation Europe (NIDOE) is the continental umbrella Diaspora organisation with 19 chapters in 18 countries and a Board of Trustees with headquarters at the Nigerian High Commission in London.

The mandate of NIDOE is to promote the welfare of the Nigerian Diaspora and pursue national development through advocacy, networking, partnerships, and bilateral cooperation. In doing so, NIDOE leverages its enormous numerical strength and offers an excellent platform through which Nigerians and their partners channel their activities to Nigeria.

More about NIDOE at:

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