Angola's President-elect Joao Manuel Goncalves Lourenco addresses the nation on Wednesday after the announcement of his victory at the 23 August polls / Photo: SSE

Angolan election’s final result: ruling MPLA wins

Angola’s election body has released the final results of the 23 August polls. The ruling MPLA won by 61% picking 150 seats in the 220-seat parliament. Joao Lourenco was also declared president-elect.

Angola’s National Electoral Commission (CNE) on Wednesday released official and final results of the country’s 23 August polls confirming that the governing MPLA won by over 61%.

The official declaration in the capital, Luanda, was delivered by CNE boss, Andre da Silva Neto, who declared that the MPLA, which has ruled the country since its independence from Portugal in 1975, won the polls by 61.07% of valid votes cast.

Its candidate, former defence minister, Joao Lourenco, was also declared president-elect. He takes over from long-serving Jose Eduardo dos Santos – who served as president for 38 years.

The announcement comes despite an opposition coalition communication CNE calling for a recount of votes failure to which they threatened court action. With MPLA’s figures, the five opposition parties account for the remaining 39% of votes.

Six political parties took part in the polls. They include the ruling MPLA led by Joao Lourenco, main opposition UNITA led by Isaias Samakuva, CASA-CE, FNLA, PRS, APN. The polls were largely said to have been held smoothly and without incident across the country. The CNE has described the vote as one that met international standards.

This will be the composition of the next Angola parliament:

MPLA – 150 MPs

UNITA – 51 MPs

CASA-CE – 16 MPs


Adira Kallo


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