Online abuse, such as internet fraud, cyber bullying and online gaming addiction, are now prevalent among youths/Photo by Kojo Kwarteng on Unsplash

A Nigerian on a mission to help internet users avoid dangers lurking online

The founder of Internet Safety magazine and CEO of Onadipe Technologies, Rotimi Onadipe, regularly informs internet users all over the world what to do to reduce risks and dangers of internet use, such as cyber fraud, cyber bullying, online pornography and online gaming addiction, which are now prevalent among youths.

Onadipe, whose articles on internet safety are published online on many news platforms and have been used by many researchers, scholars, authors and journalists, shared his expert opinions with Nigerians and internet users all over the world during his organisation’s weekly programme tagged “SAY NO TO INTERNET ABUSE, SAY YES TO INTERNET SAFETY” on Saturday, 16 April.

At the event held in the Nigerian city of Ibadan and broadcast live on the internet, Onadipe said “Internet safety is our collective responsibility. We all have a role to play in making sure the internet is safe and secure for everyone.”

He added: “We must be informed that no matter how rich, influential educated or intelligent we are, irrespective of our age, sex, status, tribe or nationality, we are not exempted from online dangers.

“For the war against online abuse to be won in our society of today, all hands must be on deck because our greatest weapon against cyber crimes, cyber criminals and online dangers in general is internet safety education.

“I have a strong belief that if internet users can educate themselves about how to stay safe online through my published articles on internet safety which have now gone viral, they will be able to protect themselves and others from many online dangers.

“Many internet users within and outside Nigeria are already educating themselves through those informative and educative articles and sharing them with other internet users to protect themselves against online risks”.

“This is why I am urging all internet users all over the world to use every opportunity they have online to search for these articles, read them, share with others and ask questions if they have any. This will go a long way to reduce online dangers among youths and our society at large.” He concluded.


To read Rotimi Onadipe’s articles on internet safety, simply search for them online

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