Mary Bruder, founder and director of Brder Hilfe e.V., explaining her work to Femi Awoniyi, president of NIDO Germany, and Mazi Obiora Nweke, Project Officer, at the office of Bruder Hilfe e.V. in Berlin/Photo: NIDOG

NIDO Germany praises Bruder Hilfe for its activities in Nigeria


Nigerians In Diaspora Organisation (NIDO) Germany has kicked off its familiarization tour of Nigerian businesses, social enterprises and cultural organisations in Germany.

Accompanied by our Project Officer, Mazi Obiora Nweke, the President, Mr Femi Awoniyi, on Monday called on Bruder Hilfe Social Development Initiative e.V., whose founder and director is a long-time member of NIDO Germany and a current member of its Board of Trustees, Mrs Mary Bruder.

Femi Awoniyi, president of NIDO Germany (left), and Mazi Obiora Nweke, Project Officer, at the office of Bruder Hilfe e.V. in Berlin/Photo: NIDOG

The NIDOG officials held talks with Mrs Bruder at the Bruder Hilfe’s office in the Berlin district of Neukölln on the work of her organization and how NIDOG could partner with the organization for the benefit of our people.

Mrs Bruder, whose oganisation has carried out humanitarian interventions in Bauchi, Bornu und Katsina States in recent months, spoke on the need for increased focus on the North as the situation of the poor in the region was especially pathetic. “And the problems in any part of Nigeria will with time affect all parts of the country,” she added. “We can see that with the problems of insurgency and banditry.”

Mr Awoniyi thanked Mrs Bruder for her relentless efforts to provide humanitarian relief to suffering people in our homeland and pledged NIDOG’s support to Bruder Hilfe e.V.

“We are very proud of your actvities in Nigeria and we commend the spirit of your intervention to other compatriots,” Awoniyi said. “Though you’re from the southern part of the country, you have not forgotten the North. That is enlightened self-interest.”

Mazi Obiora looked forward to partnering with the organization and would be working with Mrs Bruder to initiate a joint poverty alleviation project for Nigeria. “We are committed to working with organisations that are actively and genuinely contributing to solving the myriad problems confronting out homeland,” he added. “Nigeria is looking to the diaspora and we are determined to play our part.”

The familiarization tour was initiated by the President as a major plank of his administration to increase the visibility of NIDO Germany and to seek partnership with Nigerian organisations for the improvement of the welfare of Nigerians in Germany and at home.

Larry Bello

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