Godfrey Chukwuemeka Evurulobi, CEO of the Gosab Group of Companies, is providing opportunities to Africans in the nursing care sector/Photo: Private

Godfrey Evurulobi: African making a difference in Germany’s care sector

Nursing care is very critical to Germany’s health care sector due principally to the country‘s aging society.

Carers help people who are physically or psychologically incapable of taking care of themselves on an everyday basis to live as independently and autonomously as possible and in dignity, despite their limitations.

And the importance of the care industry will continue to grow as the nation further ages.

This is the sector that Godfrey Chukwuemeka Evurulobi has chosen to establish himself and has done so with plenty of success.

The Nigerian-born entrepreneur founded his first company, Gosab Personalmanagement und Consulting, a recruitment and personnel leasing company, in 2013. And less than ten years on, he has added two others.

Evurulobi now runs three companies from Cologne – Gosab Personalmanagement und Consulting, Gosab Care GmbH and Gosabflex GmbH, with branches in Bergish Gladbach, Bonn, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Munich and Hamburg – all focused on providing qualified carers to those who need their services, including individuals and aged-care facilities.

The three Gosab companies currently employ about 280 nursing care professionals with the plan to increase their workforce to 350 before the summer of 2022 and in two years to 470.

Gosab recruiting Africans

The Gosab group of companies is currently recruiting and it is targeting Africans to provide them opportunities in a sector where workers can be sure there will always be work due to the aging society.

German care institutions have long complained about a local shortage of qualified workers despite the annual immigration of about 10,000 foreign-trained care workers, mostly from Eastern Europe and as far as the Philippines and Mexico.

“I want to give more Africans the opportunity to join the care profession. This is the future,” Evurulobi said.

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A graduate of international business at the University of Applied Science Koeln, Godfrey Chukwuemeka Evurulobi hails from Isiala Ngwa South LGA in Abia State, Nigeria. He studied accounting at the Abia State University before relocating to Germany.

The three Gosab companies currently employ about 280 nursing care professionals with the plan to increase their workforce to 350 before the summer of 2022 /Photo: Gosab Care GmbH

“I owe the Almighty God everything I have achieved till today and also pray that in His infinite mercies that He will continue to protect not only me but all the employees that work day and night to make Gosab group a success story. With them, all the dedicated people I’m working with all these years, nothing would have been possible,” Evurulobi gratefully said.

 “My unending love and appreciation also goes to my wonderful, caring and loving wife Sabine,” he added. In fact, Gosab was created from the first names of Evurulobi and his wife – the first 2 alphabets from Godfrey and the first 3 from Sabine. The couple have three daughters.

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If you are interested to work with Gosab, visit: https://www.gosab-consulting.de/

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