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Theodor Wonja Michael passes on at 94

One of the oldest living German of African descent has passed on. Theodor Wonja Michael died in Cologne on Saturday (19 October), aged 94. Michael, who was born on 15 January 1925, the youngest of four children, to a father from Cameroon and a German mother, was one of the few remaining Black Germans who lived through the horrors of …

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Book Review: Memories of Theodor Wonja Michael

Deutsch Sein und Schwarz Dazu” (“To Be German and Black”) is a treasure and a gift for German historiography. It is a treasure because Theodor Michael succeeds in vividly describing and analysing key events of his dramatic life in a historical and political context, covering the period from the Weimar Republic to this day.

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African women in Europe earn more than their male counterparts — UN study

Income inequality is reversed when Africans migrate to Europe, according to a new UN study about the reasons for moving. Although much higher earnings are a factor, intolerance at home often cements the decision. Nik Martin reports. African women earn, on average, 11% more than African men when they migrate to Europe, a United Nations Development Program (UNDP) study published …

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