An Igbo cultural event. The “red cap’’, worn by some in the photograph, is a symbol of authority, culture and tradition in Igbo land. The chiefs permitted to wear this cap must have met certain standards in their respective communities which must have bestowed on them the requisite titles/Photo: TNS

“Stop bastardising Igbo culture in Germany!” – Group warns

Ndi Igbo Germany e.V. (N.I.G) – the umbrella body of all Igbo associations in Germany, has spoken out on the trivialisation of Igbo chieftaincy titles in the diaspora through the indiscriminate bestowal of such honours in manners unknown to the culture of Igbo people of Nigeria.

The organisation has observed that some persons parade themselves as Ozo-, Nze -, Ogbuefi -, Ononwu of Germany etc.

In a statement, signed by Engr. Oge Ozofor, Coordinator, and Mazi Tony Dominic, General Secretary, respectively, N.I.G has now wielded the big stick by banning what it describes as the impersonation of Igbo titles in Germany.

Here is the full text of the press statement:

Commercialization and Impersonation of Igbo Traditional Titles in Germany

Culture defines our views and understanding of the world and how it relates to our own lives. The Igbo people believe strongly in universal justice and equity, probably more than most other groups in the world today.

“As custodians of our culture in a foreign land, N.I.G from inception has strived to maintain the purity and the essence of our culture. To this end, we have successfully banned all forms of falsification, commercialization or impersonation of Igbo traditional titles of Ozo, Nze, Eze, Ononwu or such similar titles here in Germany.

“Conferment of such titles are the prerogatives of specific Igbo communities/Kingdoms in Igboland. Such conferment is a celebration and recognition of consistent contributions of positive influence and development made to the specific community or the larger society by the recipient. Chieftaincy or title taking is a personal issue which is based on particular autonomous communities who could, after the title-taking, address the recipient as Chief-, Eze-, Ogbuefi-, etc- of that community.

“In clear text, we want to bring to the notice of the public, all the embassies of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, the State Governments of all the South-East States, their Ministries of Culture and Chieftaincy Affairs, their State Councils of Chiefs and Traditional rulers that any person, persons parading himself/herself as Ozo-, Nze -, Ogbuefi -, Ononwu (xy name) OF GERMANY or such similar tittles are nothing but imposters and impersonators and should be treated as such.!!

“Ndi Igbo Germany (N.I.G) the only authentic apex body of all Igbo unions in Germany does not confer or recognize such traditional titles. They are non-existent in Germany.

“Ndi-Igbo Germany is calling on all Ndi-Igbo, both home and abroad, to join hands with us and halt this cultural aberration which erodes, cheapens and bastardizes our value system of hard work, honesty and enviable benefit-and-reward system.

“We call on all Igbo diaspora groups in the world to join us and take similar stand. END


About Ndi-Igbo Germany

Ndi-Igbo Germany e.V.  is a socio-cultural organisation and the apex body of all Igbo unions and associations in the Federal Republic of Germany.  The goal of this umbrella organisation is to foster unity amongst Ndi Igbo and other Nigerians in Germany, promote the arts, culture and tradition of Ndi Igbo in Germany and other countries in Europe.

Ndi-Igbo Germany promotes the socio-cultural, economic and political interest between the Federal Republic of Nigeria and Federal Republic of Germany through our local union’s active participation in various spheres of the German society & economic activities.

More on the organisation at its website:



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