Naturalization: German states to introduce online application process

How long it takes from the time you apply to the presentation of the certificate of naturalisation varies from case to case, but, on average, it takes several months. In some cases, it could even take years. A new online procedure should make naturalization more citizen-friendly, easier and faster. Two states, North Rhine-Westphalia and Bavaria, are currently jointly developing an …

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Migrants are systematically discriminated against in Germany — sociologist

Turkish students receive worse marks for the same performance, women with headscarves are less likely to receive invitations to a job interview, Naika Foroutan, a sociologist, criticizes the systematic discrimination against migrants. In Germany, according to the German-Iranian migration researcher Naika Foroutan, Muslims are the most disadvantaged. Even if many feel that they are tolerant and open, the reality looks …

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Hon. Collins Nweke praises NIDOE leadership as Nigerians gather in Dublin

Belgian-Nigerian politician Collins Nweke has lauded the leadership of the Nigerians in Diaspora Organisation Europe (NIDOE) for the manner it‘s running the group. In a press statement on the forthcoming Nigerian Diaspora Conference, taking place in Dublin on 7-9 November and organised by NIDOE, Nweke, who is a Councillor in the town of Ostend and a former chairman of the …

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Germany: Changes in laws and regulations from November 2019

At the beginning of each month, a number of new laws and regulations enter into force in Germany. An overview of the most important changes in November 2019: ——————- Online identification for Germans and EU citizens The online identification function (Online-Ausweisfunktion or eID-Funktion) of the national ID card (Ausweis) enables German citizens to identify themselves on the Internet. For example, …

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Book: The resilience of African women in Europe

The book is a compilation of selected inspiring stories of African women living in Europe, from all walks of life, about their experiences migrating from their homelands and settling down in Europe. The contributors to African Women in Europe, compiled by Joy Zenz, range from Jennifer Obaseki, a Nigerian-born British lawyer, and Milkah Muigai, a Kenyan entrepreneur also based in …

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African women in Europe earn more than their male counterparts — UN study

Income inequality is reversed when Africans migrate to Europe, according to a new UN study about the reasons for moving. Although much higher earnings are a factor, intolerance at home often cements the decision. Nik Martin reports. African women earn, on average, 11% more than African men when they migrate to Europe, a United Nations Development Program (UNDP) study published …

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