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Biden reverses Trump’s visa ban on Africa, Muslim countries

Newly inaugurated US President Joe Biden has reversed placed on some Muslim countries by former US president Donald Trump in January 2017. Citizens of Sudan, Libya, Somalia, Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Yemen were banned from entering the United States following the ban.  “When visa applicants request entry to the United States, we will apply a rigorous, individualized vetting system. But …

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Africa’s COVID-19 death rate now higher than global rate

According to a new report of the global news agency Reuters, Africa’s coronavirus case fatality rate stands at 2.5%, higher than the global level of 2.2%, a trend that is alarming experts. Earlier in the pandemic, Africa’s death rate had been below the global average, the Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) head John Nkengasong is quoted as …

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EU targets vaccination of 70% of adults by summer

The European Commission announced on Tuesday (19 January) its plan to accelerate the roll-out of vaccination across the EU. The Commission wants to see at least 80 percent of health and social care professionals and 80 percent of people over 80 years old vaccinated by March. But member states should also have vaccinated at least 70 percent of the adult …

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