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Ghana’s government praised for tackling coronavirus pandemic at TANG conference

Despite the challenges it’s facing, the government of Ghana is handling the coronavirus pandemic in the country effectively. That is the unanimous verdict of journalists who participated at a video conference, organised by The African Network of Germany, on the global health crisis on Thursday. — Washing hands, social distancing and wearing face masks are also the order of the …

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Coronavirus: Don’t lower your guard, TANG appeals to Africans in Germany

TANG, a network of hundreds of African organisations in Germany, has called on Africans in the country to continue to be vigilant as lockdown measures are being relaxed and active social life begins again —- As the gradual phasing out of the country’s lockdown measures takes off, Dr Sylvie Nantcha, chairman of The African Network of Germany (TANG), has called …

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New anti-corona rules for Berlin as lockdown is relaxed

The Berlin Senate (government) has approved changes to the corona containment measures introduced in March, easing some of them while introducing new ones. On Tuesday (21 April), the Berlin Senate passed amendments to the regulation to curb the spread of the coronavirus (Sars-CoV-2). Berlin’s Governing Mayor Michael Müller (SPD) said he was proud of how responsibly Berlin residents had observed …

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