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The German passport. According to the Federal Ministry of the Interior, the aim of the planned changes is to make it more difficult to forge identity documents / Photo: © TAC

Singapore edges out Germany as world’s most powerful passport

By removing visa requirements for Singaporeans, Paraguay helped Singapore edge out Germany for the top spot in the Passport Index published by global financial advisory firm Arton Capital.

Singapore was previously tied with Germany for the number-one spot.

Paraguay recently removed its visa requirements for Singaporeans, giving citizens easy access to 159 countries, compared to 158 for German passport-holders.

Historically, the top ten most powerful passports in the world were mostly European, with Germany having the lead for the past two years.

Since early 2017, Singapore has tied for number one position with Germany.

The Passport Index ranks national passports according to the number of countries a passport holder can visit visa-free or with visa on arrival.

Here are the world’s most powerful passports, according to Passport Index:

Rank        Passport                          No. countries accessible

1                Singapore                                                                  159

2                Germany                                                                     158

3                Sweden, South Korea                                                 157

4                Denmark, Finland, Italy, France, Spain,
                   Norway, Japan, United Kingdom                           156

5                Luxembourg, Switzerland, Netherlands,
                  Belgium, Austria, Portugal                                       155

6                Malaysia, Ireland, United States, Canada              154

7                Greece, New Zealand, Australia                                 153

8                Malta, Czechia, Iceland                                               152

9                Hungary                                                                          150

10             Slovenia, Slovakia, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia          149

Passports considered for the index are those from the 193 United Nations member countries, as well as six territories: Taiwan, Macao, Hong Kong, Kosovo, Palestine, and the Vatican.

A similar index, published annually, by citizenship planning company Henley & Partners, ranks Singapore number four, with Germany the champion passport.

Felix Dappah

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