Germany: Police name suspect in Kenyan woman’s murder in Essen

The police in Essen have named a suspect in the murder of a Kenyan woman whose remains were found in the western German city on 17 January.

The body of the 27-year-old Mary Waithera Kamathi, popularly known in the Kenyan community as Carrie Jones, was discovered in a kiosk in the south district of the city, where she worked as a saleswoman, with severe head injuries. Preliminary observation of the police suggests that the African had been brutally murdered.

The homicide squad of the police now has a hot lead to her likely killer. The investigators have declared 32-year-old Halfan Ally Halfan from Tanzania wanted in relation to the case.

Mary Waithera Kamathi (1990-2018), also known as Carrie Jones to her friends, came to Germany as an au pair in 2011. She later trained as a geriatric nurse / Photo: Private

A hot trail of homicide leads after numerous interrogations and intense search at the scene led to the Black African, according to the police. He’s said to have a record of violent crime.

Police are seeking the Tanzanian national or information from the public that can lead to his arrest.

Investigators revealed that Halfan Ally Halfan lived in an apartment above the kiosk where the deceased worked and both were known to each other. According to Kamau, the boyfriend of Mary Waithera Kamathi, he and the deceased helped the suspect to get the apartment and have helped him financially on many occasions.

Mary Waithera Kamathi, also known as Carrie Jones to her friends, came to Germany as an au pair in 2011 to work in Stuttgart. She met Carsten L. A German man, on the internet. A year later, the couple got married but separated last year. Mary trained as a geriatric nurse and also worked in the profession in Essen. Besides, she helped out at the kiosk.

Kamau, the boyfriend of Mary with whom she lived before her unfortunate death. He’s the owner of the kiosk / Photo: screenshot/ZDF


The friends of Mary are currently rasing funds on “gofundme” to enable them take her corpse back to Kenya, according to the deceased’s family’s wish.

Anybody who may have any useful information about Halfan Ally Halfan, are urged to report to the homicide squad of the Essen Police headed by Detective Chief Superintendent Oliver Neu. Information can be given to the police.

Telephone: 0201-829 1065 (outside office hours 0201-829 7230)

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