The website also employs videos to deliver important lessons on the needs of those new in the country / Photo: TAC

Germany from A to Z: Online portal for migrants and new-comers in Germany

It’s always easier and more convenient to enjoy a new country when you have a tour guide.

You hardly miss your way going around since you are led by an experienced person who knows the nooks and crannies of the place.

This is why the association of German journalists of migrant origin, called “Neue deutsche Medienmacher” (New German Media Professionals), created an online portal, in four languages including English and French, to cater to the information needs of those who recently arrived in the country to live, study, seek refuge or spend their vacation.

The website (, which went live in 2017, is truly a tour guide into German society as it provides the basic information that a newcomer needs to be able to find their way around. introduces you to German laws and your rights. It explains legal issues such as the registration obligation, right of residence, family reunification and asylum, but also the common rules which are important in everyday life such as traffic regulations which you should consider even when you’re on a bicycle or walking. also provides important news useful for refugees in addition to addresses such as where they can learn German, apply for permits, how they can study in Germany etc. was made by people with migration experience and it shows in how the website, which also employs videos to deliver important lessons, is structured. It really speaks to the needs of those new in the country.

Deutsche Telekom and Adobe partnered with the New German Media Professionals to realize the laudable project, which is financed by the Office of the Federal Commissioner for Migration, Refugees and Integration.

Nelly Sarpong


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