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The Uganda Embassy in Berlin/Photo: Uganda Embassy

Uganda embassy in Berlin closes to the public over coronavirus

The Uganda Embassy in Berlin has announced that it is henceforth closed to the public until the 1 April.

However, the Embassy will be reachable by phone during the shutdown.

The decision was taken due to the ongoing corona crisis to protect the Embassy’s staff and visitors. 

The Embassy said in the statement:

“The Uganda Embassy in Berlin will remain closed to the general public from 17th March to 1st April 2020 due to the increasing proliferation of the Coronavirus Disease (COVID19) in the interest of public health and safety.

“Please contact the Embassy officials through telephone numbers 015129950065 for consular matters and 015168582537 for urgent administrative matters.”

The Nigerian Embassy in Berlin also closed temporarily on 9 March. It is expected to be reopened on 23 March.

Concerns over the corona crisis is forcing many public offices and private companies to shut down or maintain only skeletal services in the interest of public health.

More information on the website of the Uganda Embassy: https://berlin.mofa.go.ug/

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