Dr Daniel Yakubu Kutchin, 6 July 1962 – 7 August 2019 / Photo: Hillstone Foundation

Ode to Dr Daniel Yakubu Kutchin by Prof Anyanwu Eberibe

The sudden death of Dr Daniel Yakubu Kutchin has thrown the Nigerian community in Germany into mourning. Tributes to the IT expert continue to be paid by members of the community for his active engagement for the development of Nigeria. Prof Anyanwu Eberibe,  a retired professor of medicine, writes this elegy in memory of Dr Kutchin:


 In fond Remembrance

I put my left ear on the German ground

Everything was quiet – as usual.

I put my right ear down to the Middle Belt soil,

The ground was rocking in Grief.

I pressed my left ear on the Nigerian Soil,

I felt a movement, a rocky one

I returned to NIDO Germany

And tried to stand upright.

I felt a quake and a tsunami welling in my Eyes.

What is it, Danny Boy, Danny Man?

Yes the cross-over! No. Not yet. Too early.

Too soon. Too many items still on the To Do list.


We first met in Hamburg in the Nigerian Community.

Much, you did not talk.

But like a road map your discussions sounded

For our father country.

Soon thereafter you were on your way

To your roots – our roots!

Hillstone Foundation in the suitcase and

Germany Partnership in the handbag.

Dual Vocational Training it must be.

The youth profited and still profit –

Youth Empowerment. Yeah, That’s IT


As we march silent past your bedroom window

Restrained to whistle loud, not to arouse you

Little did we know you are already plodding

Your weary way to the undefined Beyond

Leaving NIDOG, Nigerian Community Germany and Germany

To Darkness and to me.


Few people there are, who put their energy where their mouth is.

You did. You were one of them.

While we miss you in our community

We remember you Daniel, Daniel Yakubu,

Dr Daniel Yakubu Kutchin

Of Ampang West, Mangu LadiLGA of Plateau State, Nigeria

For what you represent: Knowledge, Self empowerment,

Empowerment of our youth and Service to Our Fatherland.

Adieu our invaluable Friend. We didn’t lose.

No. Because you left a legacy of Service to our Country.

Rest in Peace.

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