NIDO Germany Elects New Leaders

The German chapter of the Nigerians in Diaspora Organisation (NIDO) has elected a new executive committee. The election was part of the body’s annual general meeting, which took place virtually on Saturday, 17 June.

Dr (Engr) Moses Kolade Ogun was elected with 83% of the votes cast to lead NIDO Germany as President for the next two years. He replaced Engr Femi Awoniyi, who did not seek re-election after two years at the helm of the organisation.

Ogun, a bioresource engineer and researcher at the Hamburg University of Technology, was the immediate past General Secretary of the body.

Also elected were Engr Shakiru Kola Oladunjoye, a telecoms engineer and IT expert, as Vice President and Mr Emmanuel Fadipe, who holds a Master’s degree in Environmental Protection and Agricultural Food Production, as General Secretary.

Dr (Engr) Moses Kolade Ogun was elected with 83% of the votes cast to lead NIDO Germany as President for the next two years

Other new officers of NIDOG are journalist and media designer Mr Larry Bello (Public Relations Officer), Dr Oluwaferanmi Oguntona, a transportation engineer (Project Officer), Mr Ayandeji Ayansola, an environmental engineer (Financial Secretary) and Mr Olaseni Lawal, agro production engineer (Treasurer).

In his appreciation speech, Dr Ogun, the newly-elected president, said he was committed to the unity of the organisation and he pledged that NIDO Germany under his leadership would pursue the objectives of the organisation with renewed vigour.

“My doors are open to all members including those who disagreed with the immediate past leadership of the organisation on the elections,” Ogun added.

“We will seek reconciliation and make compromises to make NIDO Germany greater,” Ogun added.

“We will work hard for the review of the constitution to remove the many grey areas in it that are the source of some conflicts in the organisation.”

Ogun expressed his confidence in the future of the organisation and pledged his dedication to helping it fulfil its potential for the development of Nigeria.

He praised Awoniyi, his predecessor, for standing firm on principles to ensure that the organisation is run on the principles of democracy and good governance.

Awoniyi had, in his valedictory speech, advised members, as a matter of urgency, to review the constitution of the organisation.

“The objective should be to make our constitution less unambiguous, ensure that it aligns with the relevant German legislations on voluntary associations and make it conform to international best practices,” Awoniyi, a journalist and publisher of The African Courier, said.

“The issue of eligibility of new members to vote at elections, which nearly torn this organisation apart this year should be resolved in a new constitution.”

Awoniyi also called on NIDO Germany to continue to support the efforts of NIDO Europe as part of NIDO Worldwide “to seek a stronger diaspora voice in Nigeria”.

Dr Peter Agwi, a former president of the organisation, called on the newly-elected leaders to reconcile the members of the organisation by bringing to the table those with divergent views. He also challenged the new executives to initiate projects to develop the professional capacity of members.

He called on members of NIDO Germany to support the new leaders to enable them realise its lofty programmes and initiatives. “We are there always to support you in your work,” Dr Agwi said.

In his guest remarks, Dr Bashir Obasekola, the Chairman of NIDO Europe, advised the newly-elected leaders to pursue reconciliation so that the organisation could regain its united strength. He also called for an increased efforts of the organisation in its engagement in the development of Nigeria.

Dr Obasekola wished the new executive committe success and assured it of his support all the time.

A 5-man Board of Trustees, comprising Mr Peter Oshiomegie, Mrs Mary Bruder, Mr Adeyemi Ademuyiwa, Mrs Stephania Alofuokhai-Ghogomu and Mr Onyeani Kalu, was also elected at the event.

Larry Bello


About NIDO Germany

NIDO Germany is the German chapter of the global Nigerians in Diaspora Organisation (NIDO). The mandate of NIDO is to promote the welfare of the Nigerian Diaspora and pursue national development through advocacy, networking, partnerships and bilateral cooperation.

In doing so, NIDO leverages its enormous numerical strength and offers an excellent platform through which Nigerians and their partners channel their activities to Nigeria.

Nigerians in Diaspora Organisation Europe (NIDOE) is the continental umbrella organisation of all NIDO chapters in Europe with headquarters at the Nigerian High Commission in London.

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Executive Committee:
Dr (Engr) Moses Ogun, President
Engr Shakiru Oladunjoye, Vice President
Mr Emmanuel Fadipe, General Secretary
Mr Larry Bello, Public Relations Officer
Dr (Engr) Oluwaferanmi Oguntona, Project Officer
Mr Ayandeji Ayansola, Financial Secretary
Mr Olaseni Lawal, Treasurer

Board of Trustees:
Mr Peter Oshiomegie, Mrs Mary Bruder, Mr Adeyemi Ademuyiwa, Mrs Stephania Alofuokhai-Ghogomu and Mr Onyeani Kalu.

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