Ethiopia begins issuing online visa for tourists

Ethiopia has started issuing visa online for tourists and other visitors across the world effective today (1 June 2018). The news was released by Chief of Staff to the Prime Minister, Fitsum Arega. According to him, the move coupled with a relaxed visa regime will enhance the country’s openness and also entrench the leading reputation of its national carrier, Ethiopian Airlines.

Online visa application service is regarded as an essential component of a modern, integrated visa management system, which enhances both security and convenience.

The eVISA for Ethiopia now authorises tourists from across the world to apply for a tourist eVISA online. Once issued, the Ethiopian eVISA is valid for 30 or 90 days depending on the applicant’s selection, according to ethiopiaonlinevisa website.


Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed last month revealed that the country will “very soon” follow Rwanda’s example allowing all Africans to travel to the country without visas. Ethiopia’s move to relax its visa regime will open up the country to African visitors, and it will undoubtedly ease the free movement of African nationals and boost tourism.

Prime Minister Ahmed’s plan was revealed during a state banquet which he hosted for Rwandan President Paul Kagame who was in Ethiopia last month on a three-day official visit.

Ethiopia boasts the continent’s best national carrier, Ethiopian Airlines, which has made the Bole International Airport in Addis Ababa, not just a regional but global aviation hub.

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