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6 reasons why you should visit Ghana, by Tourism Minister

Ghana marketed its treasures of beautiful hinterland, sunny beaches, rich culture, lively cities and rich wildlife at the International Tourism Bourse (ITB) Berlin, which held from 8-12 March.

Considered one of Africa’s true success stories, Ghana is enjoying a stable democracy and incredible development. It’s also becoming a preferred destination of leisure travel on the continent.

Ghana’s delegation to the global tourism fair was led Mrs Catherine Afeku, Minister of Tourism, who spoke with The African Courier in an exclusive interview.

Ghana Stand at the ITB Berlin 2017 / Photo: Stephen Puni/TAC

The minister gave 6 reasons why Ghana should be everyone’s next destination:

  1. Its history has shaped the modern Ghana we see today. The castles and forts such as the Elmina Castle, Christianborg (Osu) Castle and the Kumasi Fort, just to mention a few, which were used for the trans-Atlantic slave trade are still in existence and serve as a reminder of the country’s past. These are some of the most-visited tourist sites in Ghana today.
  1. With Ghana you get beautiful hinterland, sunny beaches, lively cities, rich wildlife and easy access to all parts of the country.
  1. Ghana is one of the most democratically stable countries in Africa, which is evidenced by the outcome of the country’s most recent elections. For the third time, a ruling party was defeated and political power was transferred peacefully. Ghanaians have their differences, be it with regard to political affiliations, ethnic groups, religion or football teams, however their love for the country surpasses any differences. This is why Ghana is peaceful and stable.
  1. Ghana has been adjudged by many as one of the friendliest countries in the world. From its colourful flag to its beautiful landscapes, to its rich wildlife to the wonderful people, the hospitability in Ghana is one of a kind. Xenophobia has no place in Ghana.
  1. Ghana has a thriving economy. Therefore investing in the country will bare bountiful fruits. Most foreign companies in Ghana are expanding their activities since the country is a suitable gateway to the West African market.
  1. The rich culture of Ghana cannot be downplayed, be it through its colourful traditional clothes such as the ever radiant Kente clothes, the many festivals and the sumptuous cuisines.

Ghana’s Minister of Tourism, Arts & Culture, Mrs Catherine Abelema Afeku (right), and Nelly Sarpong at the ITB Berlin / Photo: TAC

The minister also left a message for her compatriots abroad.

Ghanaians living in the Diaspora should pride themselves in their country and in their culture because “EFIE NI FIE” literally meaning “Home is Home”. Tourism is not limited to foreigners. Diaspora Ghanaians should visit the beautiful tourist sites they have at home. When Ghanaians appreciate what they have others will also appreciate them.

Nelly Sarpong


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