French Ambassador talks about her impressions of Accra airport

The French ambassador to Ghana has praised the Kotoka International Airport (KIA), saying it’s of the standard of Dubai and Europe.

Speaking about her first impression arriving in Ghana, Ambassador Anne Sophie Avé told a radio interviewer (Accra100.5FM’s mid-morning show Ayekoo Ayekoo) on 8 December that “the first impression is: Wow!”

“When you arrive in Kotoka, you say: ‘Ok, where am I: is this Dubai, is this a European country?” she said.

Ambassador Anne Sophie Avé/Photo: Embassy of France in Ghana

She explained: “Everything is neat, everything is super well-organised and when COVID started and when you organised this testing at the Arrivals, people who come from overseas, they are very impressed; they say: ‘Wow, the organisation is incredible’”, she observed.

“And then you get out of the airport and then you’ve got this nice heat that hugs you”.

“It was a bit humid; you get into something very comfortable and the people are smiling; when you arrive, people smile at you and you get ‘Akwaaba’, you get ‘bonne arrivée’, people try their French on you and you go: Wow, is this heaven? You feel welcome and you feel at home from the very beginning”, she said.

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