About 500 people turned up in front of the Libyan embassy in Berlin on 25 November to express their anger. The Hamburg demonstration will be the third protest march in Germany against the enslavement of Africans in Libya / Photo: The African Courier

Hamburg demonstrates against African enslavement in Libya

Black organisations in Hamburg are calling for a public demonstration in the Merchant city on Saturday (9 December) against the enslavement, torture, rape and murder of Africans in Libya.

“The Black Community in Hamburg invites all Black organizations, groups, movements, activists and individuals and their friends and supporters to a demonstration in front of the political and consular representations of NATO and EU countries which are the cause, accomplices, contractors and profiteers of the enslavement of Black People in Libya and other countries of the region,” the organisers said.

Activists say the event will be a demonstration against the situation of refugees in Europe as well even when the focus is on the widespread human rights violation of African migrants in Libya.

Public demonstrations have been held by Black organisations and supporters across Europe since the CNN report showing Africans being traded as slaves was broadcast in November. The Black Community in Germany has held public protests in Berlin and Cologne.

A big protest march is planned for London on 9 December as well.

Austin Ohaegbu

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