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Germany: Don’t enter these Trains with the 9-Euro Ticket!

Since 1 June, you can travel on public transport and regional trains throughout Germany for nine euros a month. However, the ticket is not valid on all regional trains. And if you use the 9-euro ticket on a means of transport for which the ticket is not valid, you are considered a fare dodger. You will then be fined 60 euros. So, you have to ensure that the ticket is valid for the train you take


On which trains is the 9-Euro Ticket not valid?

In principle, the 9-Euro Ticket is only valid on local public transport: i.e. on buses, S-Bahn trains, underground trains, trams and regional trains (RB and RE).

Hence, the ticket is not valid:

  • in long-distance trains, i.e. in ICE, IC, EC,
  • in Flix buses or other long-distance buses,
  • in the Flixtrain
  • taxi buses.

In the meantime, however, sharp criticism of the 9-euro ticket is being voiced in social media as it has become apparent that the ticket is not valid in some local trains and this was not communicated so clearly beforehand.

“9-Euro-Ticket not valid,” is indicated in the timetable information for the RE 27 from Berlin to Elsterwerda. This train is one of numerous examples. It has also been reported that there are trains between Erfurt and Gera in Thuringia and the Chemnitz-Dresden-Warnemünde line running in Saxony which are excluded from the 9-Euro Ticket. The problem: In addition to the IC number on these trains, they also have the sign of a regional express (RE) and are thus marked as regional transport trains.

What should you look out for when planning your route?

Deutsche Bahn explains: “The 9-Euro-Ticket is not valid on trains operated by DB Fernverkehr AG (e.g. IC, EC, ICE), even if other local transport tickets are valid on long-distance trains.”

It is therefore important not only to select a local connection, but also to find out who operates the route. If it is a connection that belongs to DB Fernverkehr AG despite being local transport, the validity of the 9-Euro Ticket is excluded. You can find this out in the timetable information.

What happens if you use the 9-Euro-Ticket on the wrong train?

Basically, if you use the 9-euro ticket on a means of transport for which the ticket is not valid, you are considered a fare dodger. You will then be fined 60 euros.

In some cases you can perhaps hope for the goodwill of the railway conductors if it is really not so easy to see whether the ticket is valid or not. However, you should not rely on this and inform yourself thoroughly before you start your journey. The validity of a ticket can be found in the timetable information, but you can also ask directly at the railway ticket office.

Originally announced in March, the cheap monthly ticket is part of a package of measures designed by the German government to offer financial relief for people struggling with high energy costs.

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