Germany's Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock (pictured here speaking at an event to announce an agreement for the return of Benin artefacts to Nigeria in 2022) ordered the expulsion of the Chadian envoy/Photo: AfricanCourierMedia

Germany expels African ambassador in tit-for-tat action

The German government has expelled the ambassador of Chad, Mariam Ali Moussa. According to the Foreign Office, the diplomat must leave Germany within 48 hours.

The move comes three days after Chad expelled German Ambassador Jan-Christian Gordon Kricke.

“In response to the unfounded expulsion of our Ambassador to Chad, we today summoned the Chadian Ambassador in Berlin, Mariam Ali Moussa, and called on her to leave Germany within 48 hours. We regret that it had to come to this,” Germany’s Foreign Ministry said on Twitter.

“Ambassador Kricke carried out his mission in N’Djamena in an exemplary manner and has worked for human rights and the rapid transition to a civilian government in Chad,” it said.

HE Mariam Ali Moussa, the ambassador of Chad to Germany, was expelled in a tit-for-tat action/Photo: Chadian Embassy Germany

Chad had on Good Friday asked Kricke to leave the country within two days. The government of Chad justified the step with a “rude attitude” and “lack of respect for diplomatic customs”, without giving details.

Local media had already speculated at the weekend that the German envoy’s criticism of the Chadian government was the reason for the expulsion. Ambassador Kricke had repeatedly called for the observance of human rights in the country as it is wracked by protests by civil society.

The head of Chad’s ruling military junta, Mahamat Idriss Déby Itno, took power in the country in April 2021. Before that, his father, the long-time head of state Idriss Déby, had been killed in fighting with rebels. The junta had originally announced that it would organise elections within 18 months.

In October 2022, however, she extended Déby’s rule for another two years. Afterwards, there were demonstrations in the country, which were put down with force. Foreign diplomats had criticised the violence. At the time, Germany and several other EU countries called for a rapid return to democracy.

Adira Kallo

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