President Paul Biya and China's President Xi Jinping during the Cameroonian leader's visit to Beijing in 2018. The Chinese are a major investor in Cameroon/Photo: Cameroon Presidency/Twitter

Showcasing Cameroon as an attractive investment destination of choice

An international law firm is promoting Cameroon as a country offering very lucrative investment opportunities.

Centurion Law Group has announced the publication of its Cameroon Africa investment Guide, showcasing a land of “a diverse population of young and old contributing to their investment opportunities and business environment”.

“With one of the most urbanized populations in Western Africa, Cameroon shares a diverse population of young and old contributing to their investment opportunities and business environment,” the company said in a press release, detailing why it believes that the African country should be the next destination of international investors.

“As Centurion Law Group strives to create an awareness centred around the continent and how to do business in Africa, the knowledge and legal platform aims to shine a light on Cameroon and its glory.

“In this regard, Cameroon has a wealth of natural resources, including Oil and Gas, mineral ores, and high-value timber species, as well as agricultural products including coffee, cotton, cocoa, maize, and cassava.

“The country has grown into a well-known business destination for investors looking for a stable corporate climate.

“The Africa Investment Guide highlights Cameroon’s dynamic landscape and business environment, which has enormous growth potential and prospects.

“Furthermore, the guides go deep into each African country’s legal, regulatory, fiscal, and investment landscapes, identifying and breaking down legislation and practices to help investors and firms better understand the frameworks and operate legally on the continent.

“With the publication of the fifth-country guide spotlights, the Africa Investment Guide aims to assist individuals, entrepreneurs, investors or business investors identify Africa’s best business and investment opportunities.”

To access the Cameroon Africa investment Guide, register here: or email for more information.

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